AMCAR_Cv8American Carnage #8

DC Comics/ Vertigo Comics

Written by Bryan Hill

Art by Leandro Fernandez

Colors by Dean White

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: The noose is tightening around Richard and Sheila and it looks like Jennifer and her father are holding the rope.

After his latest assignment for Jennifer results in a massacre, Richard takes the man he’s hunting back to Sheila with the promise of witness protection for his cooperation. He is getting in deeper, especially with the mystery man in the Obama mask who dogs his every step. It’s going to take a lot to get him out from under, if that’s even possible.


Sheila has her own issues when George is in Sheila’s office demanding answers and letting her know that he knows more about her operation and the players involved than she thinks. When he demands a meet with Richard, things go from bad to worse as the deep cover agent finds himself at the mercy of another master with his own agenda. At the same time, Wynn Morgan takes another step towards his destiny and the power that comes with it.

The Story: Bryan Hill expertly weaves all the threads connected to these characters together in a way that both satisfies the reader in the moment as well as tease more interesting things to come. All of the characters and their flaws make the story resonate on a deeper level as you realize that no one is innocent and all of the characters could be pushed to act in either noble or horrifying ways. It’s a complex read full of complex characters that challenges the reader with each issue.

The Art: Leandro Fernandez delivers some beautiful art in this issue. The way characters are bathed in shadow gives the art a sense of emotion.



American Carnage #8




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