Rogue Sun #1

Image Comics

Written by Ryan Parrott

Art by Abel

Colors by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: As one hero falls, his estranged son is tasked with picking up his mantle.

In the skies over New Orleans the superhero Rogue Sun fights a super powered threat. Unfortunately, Rogue Sun will discover not only that he’s been outsmarted, but that the villain knows both his real name and how to kill him. In the aftermath, Dylan Bell returns home to find that his mother is meeting with an attorney who tells him that his father Marcus is dead.

After being invited to his late father’s house to both meet his new family and learn what’s in his will, Dylan discovers that his father is the late Rogue Sun and that he has inherited his father’s power. Unfortunately, his first foray into being a superhero will meet with both a quick defeat and an unexpected reveal.

The Story: I really like the premise of this story. I enjoyed the fact that it just happened and Parrott was able to bring the reader into this world and its tone in the first few pages. I like the conflict with Dylan and how he isn’t the best character in the story. His struggles seem genuine and everything leading to the reveal at the end of the issue was brilliantly paced to make me interested in reading the next issue.

The Art: Abel delivers some fantastic imagery throughout this first issue. The art is dynamic and beautifully detailed. The action is thrilling and the characters look fantastic.

Rogue Sun #1



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