Adventureman #8

Image Comics

Written by Matt Fraction

Art by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

Colors by Terry Dodson and Jeremiah Skipper

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The Crossdraw Kid and his grandson investigate literal ghosts from his past.

Caspar Spettero runs a speakeasy in the city and is very successful at staying out of trouble. His place is considered safe until he is raided by a couple of heroes who finds themselves outnumbered. When they discover that the person summoning the ghosts into our world is someone powerful, the pair spring into action to stop it. Back in the present, the Crossdraw Kid finds himself facing Spettero again as an old man.

When the ghosts get their hands on something dangerous, the Crossdraw Kid’s grandson attempts to enlist the help of Claire and the others, but things get a little confusing between the two. Chris returns to learn something dark about a former Adventureman and Claire continues her training. As she shows her sisters something wonderful, Spettero discovers too late his luck has drastically changed.

The Story: Fraction crafts a light, fun and engaging story in this issue. There are some genuinely sweet moments throughout the issue and I love the tone of the story a lot. The moments between Chris and Claire are really sweet and I love how the story flows organically with their interactions. The mystery with Spettero was great and I love how the story moves through different time periods to expand and engage the reader in this world.

The Art: The art is beautiful. Every page has something visually stunning to engage the reader and the style and character designs continue to keep me entertained with this story.

Adventureman #8



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