Robins #5

DC Comics

Written by Tim Seeley

Art by Baldemar Rivas

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: The Robins experience some strange worlds as Batman gets closer to an old enemy.

Stephanie Brown is the leader of the Teen Titans and leading her team to hunt down and stop a criminal. Damian Wayne leads a life of solitude. Jason Todd leads a different life as a race car driver and Dick Grayson is a spy on a secret mission. Dick also knows they are living a life of lies. A life that he discovers is a game that they can win if they play by a different set of rules. Rules that will leave a mark on all of them as they fight their way out.

At the same time, Batman continues his hunt for an old enemy. A hunt that will bring him to a case from his past. After finding a clue to the location of his enemy, he discovers a scene of mourning and the final clue to the truth behind his mission. Unfortunately, his revelation might come too late to save Tim or his other Robins.

The Story: Seeley delivers some great character moments throughout this story. The two parts of the story from the perspective of the Robins and Batman’s investigation are both compelling and entertaining. I was impressed with the pace and twists that the story takes and how each moment gave more insight into what makes these characters engaging on their own and as a group. I cannot wait to see where this mystery goes next and what is revealed.

The Art: Rivas delivers some great art with a unique style that is filled with great energy through its imagery.

Robins #5



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