Detective Comics #1057

DC Comics

Written by Mariko Tamaki

Art by Amancay Nehuelpan

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Batman and his allies attempt to re-take the Tower while a hostage does something completely unexpected.

Scarecrow continues his plans to take over the tower as Penguin decides to send his crew in to steal whatever spoils they can find and kill anyone that gets in their way. At the same time, Batman looks for a way into the tower itself after rescuing Nightwing. Huntress lets them know that she sees Scarecrow and the others and that her vision means someone is about to die. At the same time, Tim and Stephanie find themselves facing down Penguin’s men and get a much needed assist from Batwoman.

After working to remove hostages from the building, Batman goes back in looking for Scarecrow as Huntress tracks them as well. When they discover Scarecrow has Psycho Pirate’s mask, the heroes go after it. Tracking him to the top of the building, Batman confronts Scarecrow and they battle for the mask. With the dangerous object in play and Penguin’s forces trying to kill everyone, an unexpected person picks up the mask and with it, its power.

The Story: Tamaki crafts a thrilling, tense and exciting story in this issue. All of the moving parts of the story work and there are some great character moments and dialogue among the tension. Scarecrow is sufficiently scary in this issue and the fight for Psycho Pirate’s mask makes for not only great drama, but a fantastic twist ending I did not see coming.

The Art: Naheulpan delivers some fantastic art in this issue. All of the action was beautifully detailed and filled with great energy. The issue was visually thrilling from start to finish.

Detective Comics #1057



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