Robin #11

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Glev Melkinov

Colors by Luis Guerrero

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: The competitors on Lazarus Island are offered a stunning offer, while Robin and his friends search for someone dangerous.

This chapter opens with the arrival of the League of Shadows and its leaders and founder. Then an important person is taken into their custody. Afterwards, Robin and his group of friends travel to Corto Maltese to capture Master Dusk. Once there, Respawn and Ravager split from the group. The remaining party then confront Master Dusk.

Meanwhile, on Lazarus Island, Talia gives the Lazarus Tournament competitors a surprising choice. Then, the Al-Ghul family have an interesting reunion. Later, Ras and Talia meet up with Robin and his friends on Corto Maltese. And finally, Robin makes a decision that may change his life.

The Story: There are lots of interesting things happening in this chapter. The wrap up of this plotline was both entertaining and interesting. Robin finds himself surrounded by family and friends in a manner unusual to his normal behavior. His growth since his arrival on the island is palpable and I am curious how his experiences will inform his actions when he returns to Gotham.

The Art: The illustration in this piece is created using a modern and realistic design style. The attention to detail and colorwork is stunning. The expressive form and facial features of the characters convey their thoughts and mannerism in a relatable and manner. As I result, I felt both connected to story and transported into its world.

Robin #11



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