The Human Target #5

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Greg Smallwood

Colors by Greg Smallwood

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Chance employs an unusual skill to get information for his case.

After spending the night with Ice, Chance’s mind begins to take a strange journey. One that will bring him to different points in his life and the training of a special woman who teaches him to guard the things in his mind that he considers the most important things of all. As his mind drifts from moments with Ice, to a dinner and back to his training, a moment from his dark past emerges and takes hold.

Inside his visions, strange things begin to occur that lead him to believe that he is not alone in his own mind. His memories begin to be mixed with that of Martian Manhunter and a relationship he is having with another member of his team. A relationship with one of Chance’s prime suspects in his poisoning. He also discovers betrayal at the hands of someone he trusts and another piece of the puzzle of who poisoned him.

The Story: King delights and surprises the reader with the twists and turns that this issue takes. The story is beautifully formed and riveting from beginning to end. I was captivated by both the story and how the events within it played out. I cannot wait to see where this story goes next because the unique nature of it has captured by imagination.

The Art: Smallwood delivers some beautiful visuals throughout the issue. The style is so perfect for the detective style of the plot and the art serves those character moments beautifully.

The Human Target #5



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