Teen Titans Academy #12

DC Comics

Written by Tim Sheridan

Art by Tom Derenick

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Tragedy occurs, and secrets are revealed in the aftermath of the destruction of Titan’s Tower.

The adult Titans race to help the teens escape the collapse of the Titans Tower, but several are caught in the destruction. Soon, Red X appears, and after a brief confrontation, his identity is revealed. He then gives a brief explanation of his actions including a surprising backstory. Afterwards, an old enemy arrives on the scene and causes further havoc. Finally, the Titans make plans for the future as Nightwing makes a difficult decision.

The Story: Sheridan crafts a dark narrative filled with both loss and revelation. The Titans and their students reach a turning point as they are forced to deal with the aftermath of Red X’s designs and the fulfillment of a Titan’s vision. I thought it was a bold choice to destroy the home of the students that we have spent so much time with, especially as the series plans to wrap up in May. I am interested to see how both teachers and students alike deal with their recent losses and how the Titans as an organization will continue.

The Art: The action sequences in this issue are beautifully done. The bold color palate and attention to detail in both fore and background draw the eye to the entirety of each panel. Realistic facial expressions and character form are emotionally connective and work well with the overall tone of the story.

Teen Titans Academy #12



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