Comic book artist, writer and Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld has something new in the works.

Liefeld has inked a deal with Netflix for his Extreme Universe of comic book characters.

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The streaming service is looking to create a series of movies in a shared universe with the creator and his characters in mind like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Marvel and DC have their own wonderful mythologies and so too over the last 27 years has Extreme.” Liefeld told The Hollywood Reporter.


Netflix has brought in writer Akiva Goldsman to oversee the writers room for the new series of movies and to produce the films alongside Liefeld. Greg Lessans will act as Executive Producer. The Extreme universe includes team comics like Brigade and Bloodstrike as well as solo books including Kaboom and Lethal.

This will be the second such deal that Netflix has made with a comic book creator after acquiring Mark Millar’s Millarworld imprint including his books like Wanted and Nemesis.


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