After weeks of negotiations, actor Vin Diesel (xXx, Fast and the Furious franchise) has signed on to play the lead in the Bloodshot movie based on the Valiant Comic character.


We reported on the acquisition of the Valiant imprint by Sony and their plans to bring the characters to the big screen. Yesterday Deadline confirmed that process has begun. Dave Wilson will make his feature film debut with the project from a script by Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and produced by Tim Miller (Deadpool). According to the article, the film will be in the same tone as classic action films from the 80’s like Robocop and Total Recall.


Bloodshot is the story of soldier Ray Garrison who is killed in action and brought back to life by experimental technology from Project Rising Spirit. Garrison is injected with nanites that heal him from any wound and also give him superhuman strength, speed, agility and endurance. They also give him secondary powers like the ability to alter his physical form and shapeshift, making him an effective spy and assassin. After having his memory erased multiple times during the course of his service, Garrison’s memories return and he goes on a mission of vengeance to get answers.

Vin Diesel will next be seen (well heard) as the voice of Groot in Avengers Infinity War.



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