82319400-A1FB-4DDA-9BA0-C7E80D5DCDBFCaptain America #699

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Chris Samnee

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Steve Rogers is stuck in a dystopian future where everything he believes, every ideal he holds has been co-opted by a group of pseudo-fascist elites who control the government through fear. As Steve works with a group of freedom fighters to infiltrate the governments stronghold and capture their leader, he doesn’t expect a lot of opposition. He was wrong.


One of the governments main enforcers turns out to be the Hulk and he is not happy. After a pitched battle with his old friend, Steve manages to turn him back into Banner just in time to find out that he and another missing hero survived the blast that leveled New York. When he discovers that the other survivor is Ben Grimm and Ben discovers that he has been lied to the entire time about why he is doing what Steve finds him doing, all hell breaks loose for the regime in power.

The heroes take the fight to the regime and the rebels join in to take down Babbington once and for all. Unfortunately, they find that task is not as easy as it sounds.

The story in this issue continues to be really well done. I love what Waid is doing with both the character and his characterization. Steve’s optimism can always come off a little hokey, but it call also serve as a beacon for those that need it. Waid does a good job of giving Steve some additional layers and it is always interesting to see those layers stripped away when it’s time for the mission. What the events of this issue mean for Steve going forward to issue 700 is anyone’s guess, especially since we’ve seen those events play themselves out in a fashion recently.

Samnee’s art stands out in this issue and there is a classic, Kirby-esque style to many of the panels that I appreciated. There is some great dynamic imagery and the details are amazing to see as well. Anticipating some huge things from issue 700.

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