Reptil #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Terry Blas

Art by Enid Balam

Inks by Victor Olazaba

Colors by Carlos Lopez

Letters by VC’s Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Humberto and his cousins travel to Dinosaur World in search of a powerful ally.

The chapter opens with a flashback of Humberto and his parents during an excavation. In the present, Humberto battles a deadly enemy in Los Angeles. Later, Humberto and his cousins, Julian and Eva discuss the altercation. And Eva explains her new found powers. Then, the group travels to Dinosaur World to find an acquaintance of Humberto. After an encounter with local wildlife, Humberto and his cousins meet with the Hag of the Pits and receive lots of important information. Before they can return home, the trio of family members find themselves in a dangerous situation.

The Story: This adventure filled episode is a wild ride filled with both content and action. Blas has created a young adult narrative that celebrates Mexican history and culture. I really love how this chapter takes a hard look at the struggle Latinx young people face in the United States and the need for appropriate representation. I am excited to see the growth and development of these young heroes.

The Art: Balam uses a youthful art style that is complimented by earth tone color work. Character expression and form are highlighted significantly. This is a good looking issue that matches the tone of the story.

Reptil #2



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