Wolverine #13

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Scot Eaton

Inks by Oren Junior

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: With the guests enjoying the gala, the task of securing the area falls to Wolverine and X-Force.

Beast’s plan to use converted ambassadors as a means of shoring up support for Krakoa goes dangerously awry when several of them begin to mutate and go after the party guests. Wolverine has to take on one in the restroom while Beast tries to contain one on the dance floor. Logan discovers that the treaty the island signed with the country these creatures came from had a sinister side to it. One that has been removed allowing the ambassadors to regain control of themselves and seek revenge on the mutants.

As X-Force tries to keep the growing battle away from the other guests, Domino finds herself getting a last minute save from Deadpool. It will be up to Sage to find a solution, but she finds herself clashing with Beast regarding what happened. As things get more tense for everyone involved, it will take diplomacy to find a solution that both sides can live with. Unfortunately, this also puts Beast into another compromising position and blinds the mutants to another attack on their interests.

The Story: The story was good. It was a great addition to the bigger arc of the Hellfire Gala. Unfortunately, it lacked the intimacy of a Wolverine story. The entire issue felt more like an issue of X-Force than a Wolverine solo title. The character himself was relegated to the background of his own title and as entertaining as the story was, that was a waste. There was a moment with Logan in the issue that could have been the crux of it. It could have been focused on that moment and made into something that spoke to Wolverine’s past, but it’s glossed over in one line.

The Art: Eaton delivers some great art in the issue. There are some exciting action moments throughout and the energy of the story was captured in the art.

Wolverine #13



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