Red Sonja Vol 4 #24

Dynamite Comics

Written by Amy Chu, Alex Chang and Erik Burnham

Art by Pasquale Qualano

Colors by Omi Remalante

Letters by Taylor Esposito

One of the fiercest warriors in the world is about to get a lesson in humility.


On the road and alone, Red Sonja is hunting for her dinner. When she spots a wild hare, she gives chase only to be thwarted by the presence of an old woman on the road. Disgusted and angry, Sonja is less than courteous in her response to the woman, but the old woman gives as good as she takes verbally with the warrior.

Leaving hungry and tired from the encounter, Sonja comes upon a house and a young woman offering her food and warmth. Unfortunately, the drink is poisoned and Sonja is plunged into a nightmare where she must face her past and her future as she learns a harsh lesson in manners.

This was a well done short issue that served as an interesting parable to Sonja as a character. The writers did a good job of making this story both interesting and engaging and it was paced well. There is something admirable about giving the character moments throughout her journey here she is humbled by those unimpressed with her warrior’s bravado. It proves that the character has reason to and the ability to grow.

The art was a stand out with some really beautiful panels and splash pages. I enjoyed the issue and how fun it is.

Red Sonja Vol 4 #24




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