Radiant Black #9

Image Comics

Written by Kyle Higgins

Art by Eduardo Ferigato

Colors by Marcelo Costa

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: Marshall gets a visit from a friend and learns that there might be a way to save Nathan.

In the aftermath of their epic battle, Marshall finds life back in Illinois to be harder than he thought. With Nathan still in a coma, he dutifully visits every day. His routine continues, but not with the same joy that it used to. Even fighting criminals as Radiant Black isn’t bringing him either the positive attention he wants or the satisfaction that he thought it would. When Satomi arrives to try to make amends, he brings her to Nathan’s bedside so that she can apologize to him and he decides that it might be time to rebrand.

He also decides to finish Nathan’s book. A task that brings the specter of Nathan to speak to him. His appearance unfortunately means something big is about to happen and everything with Marshall is about to change starting with his routine and ending with a visit to the hospital where they are preparing to take Nathan off life support. In a last ditch effort, Marshall discovers that Nathan is still alive and puts everything on the line to find a way to bring him back.

The Story: Higgins crafts a good story in this issue. Unfortunately, it lacks the emotional punch I think the writer was going for. The story spent so much time on Marshall that Nathan became so much of an afterthought that anything that happens to him carries little emotional or material weight. I like the slice of life moments with Marshall, but everything with Nathan felt rushed, especially the end.

The Art: Ferigato delivers some great art in the issue. The repetitive nature of Marshall’s existence is definitely a visual highlight.

Radiant Black #9



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