Two Moons #6

Image Comics

Written by John Arcudi

Art by Valerio Giangiordano

Colors by Bill Crabtree

Letters by Michael Heisler

The Rundown: Two Moons returns to see an old friend as a new evil rises.

A knock on the door in the middle of a snow covered night awakens the women of the house. One of whom is a doctor who knows the man who brought a wounded Pawnee man for treatment for a gunshot wound. Dr. Hatlo recognizes the man and allows them to come in as the men who shot the Pawnee man track them. They run into some unusual trouble on the journey, but they are determined to find the men and finish the job of killing them.

After removing the bullet from the young man, Hatlo goes out to the barn to confront her old friend. He tells her what he’s been doing since they parted ways. When the men finally track them to the hospital, Two Moons welcomes them with a power they’ve never seen. In the aftermath of their encounter, he tells his friend that there is a war coming. One that will be fought by those that died.

The Story: The time jump in the story from the previous arc is brilliantly done. Catching up with the characters and evolving Two Moons as one gives some great dramatic tension to his conversations with Frances and I like seeing how both characters have changed over the years. The standalone nature of the story is a great touch and Arcudi does a wonderful job of teasing the bigger story arc to come.

The Art: Giangiodano delivers some beautiful art. There is great atmosphere to the visuals and the time and place of the imagery is breathtaking to the point where you can feel the cold and darkness throughout the story.

Two Moons #6



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