Punchline: The Gotham Game #2

DC Comics

Written by Tini Howard and Blake Howard

Art by Gleb Melnikov and Will Robson

Colors by Luis Guerrero

Letters by AW’s Justin Birch

The Rundown: Punchline asserts her authority as she clashes with enemies.

After a discussion with Nightwing regarding Punchline, Batman decides to take action. Elsewhere, Bluff contacts Cullen while running a job, then encounters someone unusual.
Meanwhile, Punchline and the Royal Flush Gang have a run in with the Hasigawa Clan at Ace Chemicals. Soon Batman appears on the scene and enters the fray. When a showdown occurs between Punchline and Eiko Hasigawa, Batman’s interference causes a calamity and Punchline is left with a warning.

The Story: The second installment of this limited series shows the leader of the Bat Family and his original protégé deciding to take action against Punchline’s latest endeavors. I am interested to see how this story line plays out. While Punchline’s aggressive and fearless approach towards domination makes for a thrilling adventure, it is her calculated and manipulative planning that makes her the most dangerous. Now that she has triggered the attention of more experienced and arguably deadlier enemies, I’m curious to find out if she really has what it takes to become a major player in the Gotham underworld.

The Art: The illustration in this issue has a modern, realistic comic book styling. Although the color work is bold, has a dark tone that perfectly matches the mood of the story. I found the visuals thrilling and intense.

Punchline: The Gotham Game #2



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