Poison Ivy #15

DC Comics

Written by G. Willow Wilson

Art by Marcio Takara

Colors by Arif Prianto

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: Poison Ivy and Killer Croc face off against a deadly enemy.

Ivy and Undyne have a meaningful conversation that includes a recap of Undyne’s history. Afterwards, and altercation between the two occurs. Later, Killer Croc arrives on the scene to assist is ally. Then, Ivy discovers a way to stop Undyne, however the method has dire consequences. Finally, Kroc reveals some interesting information regarding Slaughter Swamp.

The Story: I found this narrative both intense and retrospective. As has been the case throughout the series, Ivy has been forced to “look herself in the mirror,” and make peace with who she really is. In her dealings with Peter Undyne, she sees another version of herself and in the end attempts to save his life (a far cry from the Ivy of the past.) Although, she labels him an enemy, her evolved understanding of human emotions and actions allows her to see things from his perspective. I’m curious as to how she will use this lesson going forward.

The Art: This is a colorful issue that features a traditional, realistic comic styling. The attention to detail and total panel focus makes for a completely immersive visual environment.

Poison Ivy #15



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