Doctor Strange #8

Marvel Comics

Written by Jed MacKay

Art by Pasqual Ferry

Colors by Heather Moore

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Clea confronts General Strange while Stephen visits the Vishanti.

Clea pays a visit to General Strange at a place that only Stephen knows about. A place where she can get him alone and find a way to end him forever. Unfortunately, the General proves to be more powerful than she feared.

At the same time, Stephen pays a visit to the Vishanti who refuse to help him. After confronting them with the truth about their real reasons for staying out of the conflict, he decides to turn to some darker allies to give him the power to stop his destructive self.

The Story: MacKay continues to craft a dark, engaging and entertaining story for Strange in this issue. The battle against his war-ravaged self continues to create some great interpersonal drama along with awesome action and magical thrills. I love the conflict with Clea and how Strange has to turn to dark forces to win. Knowing that all magic comes with a price in this universe, it will be interesting to see the cost Strange will have to pay for victory and what that will mean for everyone he cares about.

The Art: Ferry delivers some fantastic art in the issue. The imagery is magical and works perfectly with the supernatural elements of the story.

Doctor Strange #8



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