A3CF16AD-A08A-4603-93F8-3A59A1EE07EAPeter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #303

Marvel Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Joe Quinones

Inks by Joe Rivera, Joe Quinones and Paolo Rivera

Colors by Jordan Gibson and Joe Quinones

Peter Parker, J Jonah Jameson and Teresa are still in the past trying to track down The Tinkerer in order to end the alien invasion in the present. Jameson has (once again) screwed something up for Peter in relation to knowing Peter’s secret identity and future Peter returns home to find that he May and his younger self have been taken hostage by the Green Goblin.


With time running out on all of them, Jonah attempts to warn a back of an impending robbery only to have the plan backfire when Tinkerer accelerates his plans. Goblin gives future Peter his location and a timeline to meet. Unfortunately, this complicates everything as Peter must decide whether or not to confront Goblin to save himself and Aunt May or return to the mission that brought them to the past in the first place.

Teresa tries to convince Peter to make a decision as Goblin waits for his final confrontation and Jonah tries to play hero. Zdrasky has done a great job of increasing the tension in this issue and Quinones’ art really shines through as the action moves well from panel to panel. There are even some homages to classic Spider-Man moments in this issue and those work as well. Look for two iconic Spider-Man panels in this issue to see for yourself.

If there was one thing that needed improvement, it would be the fight with Goblin. With everything that he is and everything that he’s done, the moment seemed to be a little flat when Peter finally starts to really fight back. Visually, it could have been more dynamic a moment considering the history between these characters and could have added some emotional impact to the moment after that ends the fight.

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