1A8E7BB0-D4BF-4FB1-8864-021099FF3A01The Mighty Thor #706

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Russell Dauterman

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Jane Foster made the ultimate sacrifice when she threw Mjolnir into the sun with the Mangog attached to it. A sacrifice that not only saved Asgard and its gods, but also took away the power that was keeping her alive. As her secret is revealed, everyone sees that sick woman in front of her was one of their greatest warriors. Jane finds herself standing at the gates of Valhalla, unable to enter. Odin finds himself confronting Jane about everything that she has done as Thor, including taking the mantle from his son. It’s a pretty poignant moment seeing the two of them square off with neither one relenting from his/her position.


It shows the strength that made her worthy of being Thor. It also gives Odin the opportunity to express gratitude without appearing to be weak. To his credit, Odinson has decided not to give up on bringing Jane back even though the healers are useless and the storm trapped in the center of Mjolnir barrels down on them. Odinson decides to channel the power of the storm to bring Jane back. An act that could very well kill him as well until he gets some help from a familiar face.

I enjoy the serious, almost reverent tone that this issue takes. It doesn’t cheat the audience or the characters out of having real emotion in response to the events happening around them. In fact, it re-affirms what readers love about these characters and the world that they inhabit. Dauterman’s art is electric. There are some awesome visuals in this relatively small story. There is something tragic and special in this issue. Moments of great heroism and compassion and those things are shown in great detail in this issue and the story up to this point. This is a satisfying end to one chapter of an evolving story.

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