ppssm297Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #297

Marvel Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Adam Kubert with Juan Frigeri

Colors by Jason Keith

Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham

Most Wanted Part 1

Last issue was huge for Spider-Man and just as huge for his alter-ego Peter Parker. After letting J Jonah Jameson in on his biggest secret, Peter heads back to his apartment to continue the search for information about his possible half-sister Teresa. Unfortunately, the NYPD and a rogue S.H.I.E.L.D division have his place surrounded. They want answers from Parker and they are not above using any means at their disposal to get them. Apparently, Teresa is long gone when Peter arrives home and that’s when the real trouble begins.


The agents get the drop on Peter, bypassing his Spider-Sense and violently attack him. Not wanting to reveal that he’s Spider-Man, Peter has to move quickly to try to escape. As he barricades himself in his bedroom, he tries to find any of his gear. Unfortunately, he kept all his gear off site in case someone came to search his place. The only thing he can find are two web cartridges and no shooters. As he tries to hide, he’s shot by one of the rogue agents. Wounded, Peter must use whatever means he can to try and find a way out.

As Peter continues to use whatever he can to escape, he’s confronted by someone who wants answers from him just as rescue comes in an unexpected form. As Peter manages to get away, a threat to someone close to him forces him to make a huge sacrifice.

I hate to say that it’s gratifying to see Peter struggle, because it isn’t. I will say that Peter Parker has always been at his best when confronted with a difficult situation and this one is no different. Zdarsky has a done a good job of incorporating both power and responsibility in this story in two instances. One being his escape without the use of his powers and minimal damage and two being the sacrifice he makes at the end of the issue. Kubert’s artwork has always been some of my favorite and both the panel angles and details are amazing.


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