JXW_PEARL_Cv8Pearl #8

DC Comics/Jinxworld

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Micheal Gaydos

Letters by Joshua Reed

In order to make things right, Pearl Tanaka will have to travel to the belly of the beast to get the answers she seeks.

Before Pearl sets foot in Japan, she and Miike have a heart to heart about her past, specifically about her mother. Both Pearl and Kimmy are suspicious about the man’s motives, but Pearl decides to hear him out and she learns more about her mother and her reign as a clan leader than she could have imagined. Once the information is out there, Pearl is informed by Mr. Miike that the pair of them need to travel to Japan in order to make things right with the rest of clan leaders.


Pearl takes a private jet with Miike and Mr. Kai and continues to ask for answers about her past. When she finally arrives, she finds that there is another personal connection that she needs to learn more about in the form of her cousin Niko. Unfortunately, an unexpected visitor may upend everything she’s trying to accomplish with the other family members.

Brian Michael Bendis takes some time to give the reader some back story on both Pearl and her mother’s past in this issue. There are moments where the exposition feels heavy, but the information given is interesting and gives the reader some much-needed context. The relationship between Pearl and Mr. Miike continues to evolve as well and he has become a more interesting character because of it. The dialogue continues to keep me interested in where this story is going and the twist at the end of this issue guarantees something intriguing is brewing.

Michael Gaydos’ art is amazing in this issue and continues to impress with each new part of this story.

Pearl #8




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