American-Carnage-6-Comic-CoverAmerican Carnage #6

DC Comics/Vertigo Comics

Written by Bryan Hill

Art by Leandro Fernandez

Letters by Dean White

What was meant to be an undercover assignment has become a deeply personal fight for survival for Richard.

Wynn has decided to bring Richard into his inner circle and he hopes to convince him by laying out what he really believes in a litany of pro-colonial, pro-white screed designed to show the young man who those who call for equality secretly want whites to remain in power or they want everything that he claims white people “built”. At the end of his speech, he explains to the man that he wants him to go out into the world and get the most extreme believers in line.


Once again, he is teamed with Wynn’s daughter Jennifer to make this happen but before he can meet with her, he needs to meet with Sheila again. Confused and angry, he stays the night with her before going to his new place with Jennifer. When he questions what the young woman believes, not only is he surprised by her response, but after taking her to bed, he learns that she not only has her own secrets, but knows his as well.

Bryan Hill did an amazing job on this issue. Both infuriating and enlightening, Hill manages to capture some brilliant drama and tension throughout this issue. He keeps the characters complex and even the villains are spared conventional character tropes. Hill piles on the tension throughout and the shocking end of this issue doesn’t let up on the tension one bit.

The art by Leandro Fernandez is great. I continue to love the use of shadow throughout this issue and what it emphasizes in each scene.


American Carnage #6




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