Cover._SX1280_QL80_TTD_ (1)Pearl #2

DC Comics/Jinxworld

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Michael Gaydos

The past makes it presence known in the new issue as Pearl finds herself remembering a time in her past when she was struggling to learn her craft and her mother decides that it is time to teach her. It’s a poignant, honest moment between mother and daughter. Back in the present, the young man she saved from being killed is standing before her introducing himself again. Knowing who he is and what she now owes for saving him, Pearl is not in the mood to talk.


The young man named Rick is disappointed and persists if just to let her know that he doesn’t care about the warring clans they belong to, he likes her. Pearl asks him to leave and that’s when things get really intense with a visit from Mr. Kai, a reminder of her obligations to Mr. Miike and a list of targets that she must take out, including a familiar name.

The drama in this issue intensifies as Bendis continues to craft a dark narrative with this crime thriller. The drama of Pearl’s conflicted existence is interesting and the call backs to her past make the issue more engaging. I found myself wanting to know more about Pearl and seeing how her past informs her decisions in the present. Even though this is the second issue, there is an immersive quality to the story that gave me a sense that this was a world that I has been engaged in before and the tone of the issue helps to keep the reader on edge with anticipation about what’s to come.

Gaydos’ art work is awesome. I loved every contrast in the past and the present and the style was engaging. Both the panels and details go a long way towards bringing a film noir style to the story and it worked for me.

Pearl #2




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