APR190496Pearl #10

DC Comics/ Jinxworld

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Michael Gaydos

Letters by Joshua Reed

The Rundown: It’s been three weeks since Pearl Tanaka confronted Mr. Miike with what she knows, what she’s learned and what she wants from the clan leader.

In that three weeks Pearl and Ricky have decided to try to live normal lives. They get jobs, get a place together and find that “normal people” live lives devoid of the exhilaration and excitement that living on the opposite side of the law tends to showcase. They mutually decide that living that life isn’t as much fun as the world they came from and Pearl returns to her Uncle to claim what’s hers.


Her bid to take back what she’s lost will put her in direct conflict with Miike and she will have to exercise some extreme tactics to get what she wants as well as secure the release of her father. When she returns to her Uncle, she finds that there is a surprise waiting for her.

The Story: Filled with intensity, humor and great dialogue, Pearl continues to be an entertaining and engaging read. Brian Michael Bendis has created some interesting characters in this story and the dialogue between characters is great. Pearl’s journey continues to be worth the read as she straddles the line between her personal life and professional goals. Can’t wait to see how Pearl plans to evolve her old life into a new career.

The Art: Michael Gaydos never disappoints with the stunning visuals in this issue. Every page is an evolving work of art and both the design and details pop off the page as the reader gets immersed in the panels.

Pearl #10




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