middlewest-8_5e90abd227Middlewest #8

Image Comics

Written by Skottie Young

Art by Jorge Corona

Colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Letters by Nate Piekos

The Rundown: In the aftermath of Abel’s rage, everyone is on edge and anger continues to be a dangerous emotion.

At the fairgrounds, the rebuilding continues. In the wake of Abel’s departure, tensions among the residents are frayed as Maggie stands by her decision to send the boy away. Taking it the hardest is Bobbie, who has some choice words for their leader as the rest of the residents silently agree with her. Maggie’s brother is worried as well, but more about what will happen when the scared, angry boy is found by his equally angry father.


Dale has made his way to the town of Herring. Continuing the hunt for his son, he takes refuge in a local bar where he learns the fair is not coming. After accepting a beer from a friendly patron, he reveals that his son ran away. A revelation that causes the patron to challenge his motives with some friendly advice. Advice that Dale isn’t interested in and he takes it out on the bar itself.

Abel and Fox have made it to the Endless Forest in a bid to find a shortcut to the next town. Unfortunately, Abel’s anger draws unwanted attention from a group of animals living in the tress who go after the pair.

The Story: Abel’s story continues to be compelling and heartbreaking as he tried to find a way to control the anger inside him. His relationship with his father continues to be a great narrative that builds in tension with each issue. I wonder how Skottie Young plans to handle the moment the two reunite. Young has created a group of characters that are flawed and interesting to read. I can’t wait to see where this story goes next.

The Art: Jorge Corona’s art and style perfectly complement the tone of Young’s story. All of the panels are filled with detail and the character designs are well done and convey the complex emotions Young brings to them.

Middlewest #8




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