Order & Outrage #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Jim Starlin

Art by Rags Morales

Colors by Hailey R. Brown

Letters by Michael Heisler

The Rundown: Alexis discovers something that will change her destiny.

After surviving a crash onto an alien planet, Alexis discovers something that will change her life forever. Something that will alter her mentally and physically.

When the forces of the Order try to destroy her, she shows them a small faction of her power before going to see her old friend. What she discovers on her once vibrant and lush world will push her into a new persona and a new mission.

The Story: Starlin brings the story full circle as the events that led to the explosive first issue play out and Alexis embraces her destiny in the wake of personal tragedy and the encroaching terror of the Order. The story is filled with great action and does a masterful job of not only moving the story forward, but also setting up an intense and exciting finale.

The Art: Morales delivers some beautifully detailed and exciting art throughout the issue. The visuals capture the imagination and brilliantly craft a new and exciting world for the characters.

Order & Outrage #3



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