One-Star Squadron #2

DC Comics

Written by Mark Russell

Art by Steve Lieber

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: A former hero will do anything to stay in the hero game while Red Tornado faces a challenge to his position in the company.

A local drug dealer has everything you need. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the experimental government drug his latest customer is looking for. A drug he’s been taking for decades before the government cut him off. After revealing his identity, he leaves. At the same time, Red Tornado returns to the office to tell the assembled employees about a potentially high paying security job. As Terry lobbies for the job, he finds himself shut down based on the limits of his powers.

After Tornado chooses the two heroes for the security job, he heads back to his office not knowing that Power Girl is sowing the seeds of mistrust with the other employees. At the same time, Terry decides to take a gig at a local birthday party filled with kids who have no idea who he is. He discovers quickly the price of getting his drugs on the black market as two of his fellow heroes for hire find themselves opposite as powerful man with a dark reputation.

The Story: Russell crafts an incredibly funny, engaging and interesting story in this issue. There is a definite darkness to the tone, but it still delivers some great comedy moment. I love the Meta moment within the story with Russell himself. It was well done and funny. I continue to enjoy the tone of this series and this issue especially. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

The Art: Lieber’s art is perfect for this style of story. The art is character focused and does a great job of showing the expressions of the characters in moments of stress and pain which amplify the comedic elements of the plot.

One-Star Squadron #2



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