Crush and Lobo #8

DC Comics

Written by Mariko Tamaki

Art by Amancay Nahuelpan

Colors by Tamra Bonvillain

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Crush and Lobo find themselves in a compromising situation.

Crush and Lobo are held captive in a maximum security space prison. There they learn that they have been the subject of a scientific experiment regarding their species. After being told she will not be released, Crush takes matters into her own hands and enlists her father in an escape attempt. The two then engage in battle with a multitude of robotic life forms. Later, Crush is contacted by someone unusual and given a surprising offer. Finally, Crush takes on a new job while Lobo is left to his own devices.

The Story: Tamaki creates an interesting and fulfilling conclusion to this limited series. It was fun watching this father/daughter duo create havoc amongst their enemies. It was also heartening to see Crush learn the truth of her father’s intentions. I thought the ending was well done and I liked how it left open the possibility for a future series.

The Art: This is a colorful issue filled with eye-catching design. The panels are filled with detailed artwork that includes an emphasis on character expression and form. I feel that this edition perfectly captures the tone of the story.

Crush and Lobo #8



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