On The Stump #2

Image Comics

Written by Chuck Brown

Art by Prenzy

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Politics gets more brutal as powerful lobbyists decide to push their agendas.

With heat from the press being brought to bear on legislation being considered, Thunder Bear is brought in by the Nixx Corporation for a course correction from a previous congressman utilizing his power in the private sector. The corporation wants a bill passed that would end the restrictions on genetic enhancement. A bill that would net them billions and they are willing to do anything to make sure it passes.


At the same time, Jack and his new partner are trying to get information from the would be assassin sent to take him out of office. With Jack taking his interrogation technique to the extreme, Lister has her own issues to deal with. Personal ones that threaten to compromise her case as the assassin escapes. In order to get the answers they need, Hammer will take Lister to a hidden location deep in the capital as some new players make their presence felt.

The Story: The political intrigue and mystery continue to deepen and Chuck Brown does a great job of keeping both the plot and the characters interesting. The cast is expanding and so is the story, but both are being done in ways that are engaging to the reader and make the story more compelling. All of the additions in this second issue expand the story in ways that kept me interested and wanting to know more. I can’t wait to see where this story goes next.

The Art: Prenzy’s style is interesting and has an immediacy that makes it engaging to the eyes. There is a deliberateness to both the violence and the character expressions and that makes the art entertaining.

On The Stump #2




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