AC_Cv1021Action Comics #1021

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis 

Art by John Romita Jr

Inks by Klaus Janson

Colors by Brad Anderson

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Luthor has assembled all the forces in opposition to the Man of Steel, but he’s about to get a rude awakening.


Luthor has assembled the Legion of Doom, Red Cloud and Leviathan for his final plan against Superman and the assembled Justice League. With Superman on the ropes, he leaves it to Red Cloud to end the Kryptonian once and for all as the rest of the League is decimated before them.

Unfortunately for Luthor, he doesn’t count on several factors. One of them being Conner Kent and the rest of Young Justice. With his plans altered, Luthor faces more betrayal from within his ranks and Leviathan steps in to send a message to both the heroes and the rest of the world.

The Story: Last issue had some really bright spots that I looked forward to seeing play out in this issue. Unfortunately, what came in these pages was a mess from start to finish. Allegiances changed with no reason or motive and the resulting chaos didn’t feel like an interesting story twist, it felt more like Bendis lost the thread of the story he was telling and quickly tries to shove in both exposition and plot elements to force the story to its conclusion. Everything felt so disjointed and haphazard that the momentum that had been built to this moment was wasted.

The Art: As disjointed and unfinished as the plot was, the art was worse. The visuals from John Romita Jr felt rushed and were bogged down in scenes that required more details than were given. There was literally a panel with Green Lantern lying on his stomach, but his emblem was still visible on his back. I normally don’t nitpick art because it is a subjective medium, but both the foreground action and backgrounds felt sloppy.

Action Comics #1021




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