Batman Superman #8

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Nick Derington

Colors by Dave McCaig

Letters by John J Hill

The Rundown: Batman and Superman must team with Ras Al Ghul and Zod to rein in the mad Kandorians before they escape the temple.


The Kandorians have emerged from the Lazarus pit and their powers have already kicked in. So has the madness the pit brings out and the tiny superpowered beings attack everyone in sight. In order to keep them contained, Ras decides to kill them all, but Superman has other ideas. Ideas that threaten the fragile peace he shares with Zod.

With the Kandorians getting closer to escaping from the temple, Superman goes after them leaving Batman to find a way to stop Ras Al Ghul and Zod from killing each other.

The Story: Joshua Williamson bookends this story with the only parts of it that are actually interesting and doesn’t explore them once they are introduced. Zod’s connection to Kandor is teased as being something interesting, but it is never explored in this issue. Instead, we are treated to a swarm of nameless, expendable Kandorians that are used to present a reason for Zod and Superman to clash, but ultimately leads to nothing. The story progresses fine and there are some fun moments to be had, but there was a better story to be told in this issue.

The Art: Nick Derington’s art is fine and tells the story well, but it lacks in flair and depth. Many of the panels look flat and rudimentary.

Batman Superman #8




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