Avengers #1 came out last week and it sees the return of Thor Odinson, Captain America and Iron Man dealing with a otherworldly threat powerful enough to kill the powerful inter-dimensional Celestials.


In the Free Comic Book Day prequel comic released from Marvel and written by Jason Aaron with art from Sara Pichelli, Thor’s father Odin sits in the ruins of Old Asgard and awaits the arrival of someone. Black Panther arrives to greet the All-Father, who has a story to tell the ruler of Wakanda.

Anyone who’s been following Marvel Legacy knows that 1,000,000 years ago, Odin led a group of heroes including Agamotto, Black Panther, Phoenix, Starbrand, Ghost Rider and Iron Fist to defeat a Celestial that had invaded the planet. Ignoring the advice of the previous Black Panther, Odin kills the being and they bury it under the continent of Africa.


What prompts Odin to call Black Panther to help him now is the fact that the Celestial has been revived by Loki and Odin has decided that the threat his son is to the world requires someone willing to end Loki once and for all.

You can pick up Avengers #1 now.

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