With the upcoming home video and digital release of Marvel’s Black Panther coming, viewers and fans will get a chance to see aspects of the character’s stories fleshed out through deleted scenes and a Commentary track by the director Ryan Coogler.

Coogler, in the commentary track for the film, reveals the fate of a character not seen on film, but important to the villain of the story Erik Killmonger; his mother.


According to the commentary, N’Jobu (Sterling K. Brown) ,who was sent to the US as a spy for Wakanda, meets and falls in love with a woman in Oakland. Their union produces a child, Erik “Killmonger” Stevens. Apparently, his relationship to Erik’s mother is what prompts him to start his plans to arm the oppressed people of the world and reject the isolationism of Wakanda. The scene we see in the movie, with N’Jobu and the undercover young Zuri (Denzel Whitaker) going over plans before being interrupted by T’Chaka, was supposed to include a very personal aspect.


Coogler says; “The idea was when you see those guys talking over the paperwork in the beginning of the film, they’re talking about a way to break her (Erik’s mother) out of jail.” He goes on to explain, “The idea was they never got her out, and she passed away in prison, so Killmonger didn’t come up with a mom either.”

Let me know what you think of this reveal from Coogler. Does this add anything to the character of Killmonger? Let me know in the comments below.

Black Panther will be available on digital May 8, 2018 and disk May 15th.


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