Nubia and the Amazons #3

DC Comics

Written by Stephanie Williams

Art by Alitha Martinez and Domo Stanton

Inks by Mark Morales

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

The Rundown: An alarming threat grows on Themysicra while Nubia’s authority as queen is questioned.

On the shores of Themysicra, the newest Amazons await their compatriot, Zina, as she does something exciting. Later, in the Markets of Themyscira, several Amazons discuss the recent changes that have taken place. Then, Bia falls ill and suddenly has a disturbing vision. Meanwhile, in Io’s workshop, she and Nubia share a moment. They then discuss a series of events, including a gift Nubia received from the Goddesses. After hearing an outburst from Bia, they quickly come to her aide. Later, Bia shares her vision.

Elsewhere, Andromeda meets an unexpected individual that offers her a glimpse into her past life. Later, she arrives at the palace and causes a disturbance. When she meets with Nubia, something interesting occurs. Soon, Nubia finds herself facing off against a deadly enemy and must decide how to proceed.

The Story: There are so many exciting things happening in this content filled chapter. Williams does an excellent job of showing the conflict that is building up among the Amazons. The residence of Themyscira are suddenly faced with many unknown and frightening obstacles. And in a manner that is very familiar, the women soon began to divide themselves in an attempt to explain away their sudden lack of comfort. All the while, the mystery surroundings Nubia’s past begins to show itself in a difficult manner. I’m excited to see how this story plays out, especially as Nubia has traditionally been such a minor character in the DC. This newest reincarnation of the character is filled with potential and I am hopeful that her expanded role will bring a new dynamic to the overall Amazon mythology.

The Art: This issue features detailed artwork that takes special interest in character expression and form. As with the previous editions, the focus on diversity stands out significantly. Each of the women featured are distinct in ethnicity, body shape, and aesthetics. With these traits highlighted, Themysicra’s position as a haven for women has a visual portrayal that matches the intent given in the tone. This is also a colorful issue filled with intense and engaging action scenes and emotionally driven content that draw the reader further into the story and provides a greater understanding of the characters.

Nubia and the Amazons #3



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