Catwoman: Lonely City #2

DC Comics

Written by Cliff Chiang

Art by Cliff Chiang

Letters by Cliff Chiang

The Rundown: Selina Kyle confers with old friends and new regarding her latest plot.

The story begins with a flashback ten years ago to the events of Fool’s Night. In the present, Barbara Gordon and Selina Kyle have an interesting conversation. Later on, Selina and Killer Croc began training for their latest caper. Afterwards, Selina travels to Chinatown to visit an old friend. Then, she establishes residency in an unexpected location. Afterwards, she and her crew go on a series of missions. Meanwhile, Harvey Dent and Barbara Gordon face off in a Mayoral debate.

The Story: I’m really enjoying this limited series. It is interesting to see how maturity affects heroes and villains. This episode really focuses on Selina’s reliance on her friends and associates. It also showcases a changing of the guard between generations. The dynamics between these two different groups feels familiar and natural. There is also some interesting world building content given in this chapter, especially the changes in Gotham since the demise of the Dark Knight. Also, while a specific villain has been brought to the reader’s attention, there is so much room left for speculation. I look forward to finding out more about this version of Catwoman and Gotham City.

The Art: This issue features a traditional comic book styling with coloring fit for newsprint. The artwork perfectly fits the tone of the story and provides for a deeper emotional connection with the characters.

Catwoman: Lonely City #2



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