Catwoman #38

DC Comics

Written by Ram V

Art by Caspar Wijngaard

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: Catwoman uses her wits and enlists the aide of an old friend to avoid an arrest from the Gotham City Police Department.

As protests continue in Alleytown, Selina Kyle surrenders herself into the custody of the GCPD. She then has a discussion with Detectives Rigs and Kollack about her involvement in recent events, including her activities at the funeral of Detective Hadley. Afterwards, Detective Kollack does something unexpected. Later, Selina’s master plan is revealed, and her next moves are speculated.

The Story: Ram V creates a fulfilling and enjoyable tale in the last chapter of his run with this series. Selena is at her best when she is pulling off creative and thoughtful schemes, and this storyline does not disappoint. In the after math of the Fear State, Selina uses her wits to avoid further confrontation. Her craftiness is filled with a humanity that resonates, and I love how she is portrayed in all her complexity.

Once again, Ram V uses beautiful language to narrate the past plotline through the eyes of both Selena and Detective Rigs, and I feel that the emotions and motivations of both characters were accurately portrayed. There is a synergy between these two characters that I found very interesting. Their contrasting point of views flowed beautifully. I confess, I am sad to see Ram V move on from this series, but I could not have wished for a better goodbye.

The Art: This is a good looking issue that feels modern, yet has a noir flare. Although there are some nicely produced action sequences, the majority of this edition is filled with world building content. The attention to detail shown to the characters and varying color schemes create an emotional connection to the characters. Overall, I felt the artwork perfectly matches the tone of the story.

Catwoman #38



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