Nocterra #5

Image Comics

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Tony S Daniel

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Val finds a hidden sanctuary for her group, but is there any place safe in a world covered in darkness?

Val and her group have made it to Sanctuary, but Emory is getting worse. After meeting Augustus’ brother Tiberius, Val only has moments to get her brother to a device that can stop the change happening to him and keep him from becoming a shade. At the same time, Em decides on a handle and confesses her desire to stay with Val and Emory. After a harrowing ordeal getting him to the chamber, Val emerges and learns more about the facility they now find themselves in.

With Emory healed for the time being, Val learns from Tiberius about the circumstances that caused the sun to be blotted out. Circumstances that his brother hoped he could rectify. After Val discovers from Emory that he received a vision about a force in opposition to the shades, she is given a choice of whether to leave or stay. A decision that will become more complicated when she discovers that Tiberius is hiding a deadly secret.

The Story: Scott Snyder is expanding the world of his story beyond a chase scenario and the expansion if rich with possibility. My interest was peaked by everything in this story and the revelations made by Emory. I continue to enjoy how Val’s narration both connects with the reader emotionally while also connecting the reader to events. Val is a unique, interesting and layered character who continues to be worth following. Everything else in the plot works brilliantly as well including the layered personality of Tiberius. I was impressed with everything in this issue, especially the cliffhanger ending.

The Art: Tony S Daniel continues to deliver beautiful and brilliantly detailed art on every page of this issue. Not only are the character designs beautiful, but the world Snyder is creating with this series comes to beautiful life with Daniel’s art.

Nocterra #5



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