Ordinary Gods #1

Image Comics

Written by Kyle Higgins

Art by Felipe Watanabe

Colors by Frank William

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: A young man finds himself drawn into an interstellar war of immortals.

In a time before mankind, a race of immortal beings ruled over thirteen territories. The One King held control over all and held that control in an iron grip. An act that would cause rebellion from some of the strongest “gods” of the realm. Their plan to strop the king is thwarted by both the loyalty of his followers and the fact that the warriors cannot die. A desperate plan to stop their enemies ends in betrayal and the immortals are sent to another planet.

Christopher is a young man feeling depressed about the direction his life is not taking. After a strange encounter in a local mall, Christopher returns home only to find that he is being sought after by a powerful group of strangers and the forces that want him dead are closer than he thought.

The Story: Higgins definitely takes some unique and interesting chances with the plot and characters in this first issue. The story and world Higgins is building is big and epic in scale and hopefully doesn’t get so big that it dwarfs its characters. The plot is good and there is enough interesting plot points and lore attached to engage me as a reader and want to learn more. There are some familiar elements throughout the plot, but also some surprising story beats I wasn’t expecting. Definitely a story that has me interested in what comes next.

The Art: Watanabe delivers some great art throughout the issue. The story is filled with action and fantasy imagery and the art brings those things to life with vibrancy and energy.

Ordinary Gods #1



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