Production is starting on many of the newest films in the comic book world and with a director chosen for the upcoming DC Comics film based on the character Nightwing, there is renewed speculation on what kind of interpretation of the character will we see on-screen.


According to Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay, in a series of tweets, he laid out his vision of Nightwing and the tone of the film that he is going to direct. In the tweets (which have been condensed here) the director says;

“The story of Dick Grayson, becoming Robin, then becoming Nightwing played out for us, the audience, in the comics in REAL TIME. It wasn’t a flashback. We experienced it. So all of Robin/Nightwing’s successes and failures we were along for the ride. And people that underestimated Robin or dismissed him perhaps had their opinions changed as we watched him “grow up” right in front of us. His relationships, his conflicts with Batman et al felt real to me because he was the window character with which we experienced Gotham City.”


It will be interesting to see what director McKay takes on the character. From the comments, it would seem like the director might give fans a journey from the characters time as Robin (which would more than likely include scenes with Ben Affleck’s Batman) to his eventual break with the Dark Knight and journey to becoming his own hero.

McKay even gives a challenge to any actor looking to take on the role. He talks about the physical commitment to the role and when confronted with whether the actor is question will be able to endure the rigors of the shoot, McKay simply states, “He has to. It has to be full commitment. Every day. It is going to be grueling from a martial arts, gymnastics and stunt perspective. Also emotionally taxing. It’s going to be real.”

Who do you think could embody the role of Nightwing on the big screen? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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