Night of the Ghoul #1

Best Jackett Press

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Francesco Francavilla

Colors by Francesco Francavilla

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: A man’s search for answers about an old film will awaken an ancient evil.

A father and son race across the desert to a mysterious senior living facility. While the son is completely disinterested in the events, his father is excited to meet with one of the facilities oldest residents and talk to him. After making it past the director, Forest Inman is brought in to meet Mr. Patrick. A meeting that will change both of their lives.

After admitting the truth of why he is there, Inman tells Patrick that he knows who he really is and wants to know what happened during the production of a lost film called Night of the Ghoul. A film about a group of soldiers sent on a mission and discovering something deadly and supernatural in an abandoned town, Inman wants to know everything. Unfortunately, his asking questions will awaken an ancient evil that will put him and his son in the path of danger.

The Story: I love all of the classic horror comic elements of this story. Snyder does a brilliant job of establishing the characters and the conflict early and the reader is immersed in the world of the story as you anticipate the terror to begin. Both stories work independently, but are perfect together. The premise is fantastic and I love how the plot progresses with both stories bringing the reader to an awesome cliffhanger.

The Art: Francavilla delivers some beautiful imagery throughout the issue. There are so many great visual scares and the panels have a classic horror comic look and feel that is visually engaging.

Night of the Ghoul #1



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