Batman vs Bigby A Wolf in Gotham #2

DC Comics

Written by Bill Willingham

Art by Jay Leisten

Inks by Lee Lougheridge

Colors by Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Batman and Bigby clash as they both find themselves on the same case.

Alfred wakes up Bruce to bring him to the cave where they discover that their prisoner has escaped and that he left a path of destruction throughout the cave on his way out. Batman decides to pay a visit to Dick’s training facility in order to get his Robins and allies out in the streets looking for their suspect. Bigby himself is still on his case and wants to know where the Executive Exchange is meeting. An answer that will take him to a market that specializes in rare and mostly illegal weapons. In the aftermath, Bigby meets with a familiar face who has been gathering intel of her own about everyone including Batman.

Bigby decides to change tactics and his infiltration of a high society party puts him face to face with Bruce Wayne. As the two verbally spar with each other outside of prying eyes, a plan is hatched that will put both of them in the path of destruction.

The Story: Willingham crafts an entertaining story with some interesting and surprising twists and turns. For fans of the Fabled series, one of the reveals will be fun to uncover. The best part of the story is the tension between Batman and Bigby. Their dynamic is contentious and filled with simmering tension which makes for great drama. I like the fact that they are both detectives and each has a mistrust of the other. The story is taking some engaging turns as well, but I still don’t get a sense of the antagonist yet.

The Art: Leisten has an interesting and engaging visual style. I like the look of the characters and the use of Gotham as another character in the story.

Batman vs Bigby A Wolf in Gotham #2



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