Newburn #3

Image Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Jacob Phillips

Colors by Jacob Phillips

Letters by Jacob Phillips

The Rundown: Newburn and Emily find themselves at odds with their employers when a killer puts the underworld on edge.

Multiple members of multiple criminal organizations are being taken out in the city and Newburn has been brought in to determine if this is one person with a vendetta or a group trying to take out the competition. With Emily by his side, the pair finds themselves at odds with the lead detective on the case. The tension is only relieved when Newburn gets a call that brings the pair to a meeting with the heads of biggest organizations in the city. Unfortunately, the meeting does not go well when Newburn has nothing to offer, and the clock begins.

Newburn and Emily decide to forgo the latest crime scene and head to the morgue. Unfortunately, they continue to be dogged throughout their investigation by representatives of the underworld families. After Emily discovers something strange with one of the bodies, Newburn does something unexpected to lure the killer to him. Something that will not only ensnare a killer but bring his work to the attention of someone he didn’t expect.

The Story: I continue to be impressed with the wonderful, noir nature of this series and this story is brilliantly done. The characters continue to be interesting, and the story continues to be intriguing. I love how this story unfolded and all the twists and turns it took. There was a great energy to the plot and the tension within it was palpable. The ending was awesome, and I cannot wait to see what it means for Newburn going forward.

The Art: Phillips has a wonderful visual style that comes through in the noir nature of this story. There is a great use of shadow throughout and the angles of the panels gives the feel of a 1950’s detective show.

Newburn #3



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