A Thing Called Truth #4

Image Comics

Written by Iolanda Zanfardino

Art by Elisa Romboli

Letters by Iolanda Zanfardino

The Rundown: Doctor Mag and Dorian travel to Madrid and Paris to complete a series of missions. Elsewhere, Doctor Hikmet discovers something shocking.

Mag and Dorian arrive in Madrid to complete their second mission. The two then have a series of adventures and Dorian tries something new. Next, they head to Paris where they find themselves in an awkward situation involving the authorities. Afterwards, Dorian must make a decision regarding a new mission. Meanwhile, Doctor Hikmet discovers Mag is no longer at the lab and begins to have suspicions. He then contacts the police who verify his suspicions and open an investigation.

The Story: Zanfardino creates a delightful penultimate chapter in this series. I really enjoy the adventures of Doc Mag and Dorian. Their polar opposite natures make for comedic gold and their budding romance is fun to watch. I must say though, I am very curious how this story will wrap up with only one issue left. There are still many secrets left to uncover and it will be interesting to see how Mag handles the discoveries.

The Art: This issue uses a modern and youthful design style. The vibrant and colorful images pair perfectly with the tone of the story.

A Thing Called Truth #4



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