Fallen Angels #3

Marvel Comics

Written Bryan Hill

Art by Szymon Kudranski

Colors by Frank D’Armata

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Psylocke and the others will face down one of the agents of Apoth and discover a dark secret at the heart of this new threat.


After being ambushed by Apoth’s forces, Cable is separated from the rest of the team and Psylocke has to convince X-23 that the best way she can help them stop the rampaging robot coming after them. Once she convinces her to let go and fight, she and Psylocke discover that the machine is being piloted by something unexpected and what it is will enrage everyone involved.

At the same time, Cable is captured by Apoth and as the mutant is taken away, the creature reveals that its purpose was to draw them there and that it has a connection to Psylocke herself.

The Story: An effective and interesting thriller for the most part. Bryan Hill keeps the momentum going strong from the previous issue, but there is a slowness to the pace of this issue that was in conflict with action and the stakes of the fight they were in. The story is great and I like how the characters are evolving, but the balance between the story and action seemed off a little. There were moments of action that had too much exposition and that took me out of the story and its pacing.

The Art: Kudranski’s art is fantastic. I love the way Kudranski renders the charactersm Psylocke especially and I think that minimizing the background details and bathing everything in black made the foreground action pop more and emphasize the characters.

Fallen Angels #3




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