Nemesis Reloaded #2

Image Comics

Written by Mark Millar

Art by Jorge Jimenez

Colors by Giovanna Niro

Letters by Clem Robins

The Rundown: With the city is growing chaos, Nemesis reveals the motivation behind his plan.

Nemesis has made his first move in the city and cops are being targeted with bounties on their heads. Captain Cooper has been put in charge of stopping the violence while the new police chief deals with one of his constituents.

At the same time, the man behind the chaos thinks back on the circumstances that made him who he has become. The violent training he endured to get to this point and the personal connection he has to the new police chief and everything that he personally lost because of him.

The Story: Explosive, darkly funny and filled with great action, Millar continues to craft a unique story that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. Not only is the story compelling, but the motivations of the character are interesting enough to keep you engaged in his journey even as that journey leaves nothing but destruction it its wake. As much as I want to see what the character does next, I’m equally invested in the story of what made him who he’s become and why.

The Art: Jimenez has solidified himself as one of my favorite contemporary comic artists with gorgeously detailed panels that complement the dark, violent tone of the story.

Nemesis Reloaded #2



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