I Am Batman #18

DC Comics

Written by John Ridley

Art by Christian Duce Eduardo Pansica, and Julio Ferreira

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Batman and his allies battle the Moral Authority in an attempt to rescue someone important.

While the NYPD battles gunmen outside a facility, Batman, with the aid of his masked younger sister and a mysterious new iteration of “The Question,” tackle the Moral Authority’s compatriots within. Soon, the NYPD gain the upper hand and help take down the terrorist group. In the meantime, Elena Aoki attempts to escape from King. Then Batman arrives and a conflict occurs. Afterwards, Batman reveals something surprising, and the NYPD make a truce with the masked heroes. Finally, Jace makes a bold choice and Tiffany comes to his assistance.

The Story: The final episode of this series does not disappoint. Ridley combines action and humanity in this well executed narrative. Since Jace Fox’s current storyline began in Future State: The Next Batman, readers have seen this character evolve and grow from an unsettled loner to a hero learning to navigate community and family. And this particular series has focused on his determination and desire to forge his own path out of the legend created by Bruce Wayne. Its conclusion, therefore, is met with sadness and joy. This run ends with Jace letting down his defenses and finding partnership and solace with family. His sense of otherness is also finally dealt with as he finds and opens himself up to the one person he never knew he needed. I was particularly touched by his vulnerability and renewed hope. I found this to be a perfect conclusion for this mid length tale and I can’t wait to see what DC does next with this beautifully flawed hero.

The Art: This beautifully crafted issue uses a modern comic styling and realistic design to create a fully immersive visual experience. The attention to detail in character expression and form is stunning and emotionally connective while the setting and background images draw the reader into the world of New York City.

I Am Batman #18



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