Community star Yvette Nicole Brown hosted a panel with Sandman creator Neil Gaiman where he and writer G Willow Wilson discuss the Sandman universe, the legacy of the characters and Wilson’s new character Ruin who debuted recently in the comics.


While many were expecting to hear about the fantastic world Neil Gaiman has created for DC Comics, we weren’t expecting the writer to reveal some interesting details about the upcoming Netflix series based on his characters.

Gaiman stated that the production shut down caused by COVID has given him the opportunity “to get the scripts as close to perfect as we possibly could.” he said during the panel. He also stated that the production has begun casting again.


He also stated that the story will take a different direction as well. The original DC/Vertigo series had Morpheus, lord of the Dreaming and one of the Endless, captured in the year 1916 by a man looking to conquer and imprison Death. Morpheus would find his liberation in 1988 and his adventures would take him across worlds to retrieve his stolen symbols of office. According to Gaiman, the Netflix series will still start in 1916, but it will be set in modern times. According to Gaiman, “(This) gives us tremendous freedom… That is very liberating.”


While we all wait for the highly anticipated live action adventures of Morpheus and the Endless, I recommend checking out the new Audible series featuring a full cast including James McAvoy as Morpheus, Neil Gaiman as the narrator and Michael Sheen as Lucifer. It’s available now on Audible.



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