Naomi Season Two #5

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker

Art by Jamal Campbell

Colors by Jamal Campbell

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Zumbado and his forces have made their way to Earth and Naomi must face them alone.

Zumbado and his forces have made their way to Earth and Naomi finds herself standing alone against them. With her family and friends in the line of fire, Naomi has to act quickly in order to protect everyone. With Brutus egging her on, Naomi realizes that she might be alone, but her time with the League has given her some insight into her powers.

Naomi’s insights help her do something she never would have thought she could do, take on Zumbado and hold her own. With more control over her powers, she is able to give her dad time to get everyone away while Zumbado’s team watches. In the aftermath, Naomi finds herself vulnerable and at the mercy of enemies she’s never encountered before.

The Story: Bendis and Walker do something really interesting in this issue. For most of the series, Naomi has been enraptured by her time with the League and has been a part of their adventures. What’s interesting is that the story is using that time with those heroes to help her come into her own as a hero and understand the power she has. The story takes some interesting turns throughout and I enjoyed seeing the moments with the League and how they helped her indirectly.

The Art: Campbell delivers some beautifully detailed and powerful art throughout the issue. The visuals are thrilling and filled with great energy and style.

Naomi Season Two #5



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